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Egg Rollie
Egg Rollie
Egg Rollie

Egg Rollie

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Love eggs but tired of the old boring boiled or fried recipe? Preparing your egg breakfast is not always easy. Eggs stick to your pan and do not always cook perfectly. And after cooking, cleaning your pan is also always a disaster. Why not try the Great Morning™ Egg Roll Master. It is the new way to enjoy your favorite breakfast. It is fast, easy and gives you perfectly cooked eggs every time!

Say goodbye to your old boiled or fried eggs. Using this Egg Rollie Master, just crack your eggs, pour, and watch it pop out perfectly cooked in minutes. No need for butter, fats, and also forget about the mess. With its non-stick surface, your egg will be served to you evenly cooked and also prevent it from burning. It also cooks your egg in an easy to eat shape. Add your favorite bacon or vegetables in while cooking and you are served with various delicious egg recipes every day. Forget about the boring egg breakfast days. Serve exciting meals now!

Features of Egg Rollie:

  • Made of high-quality food grade ABS and silicone materials. Perfectly safe for preparing your meal.
  • Odourless, durable, and heat resistant. It can cook your eggs for you for a long time.
  • Very easy to clean
  • Fashionable yet functional design with its funnel-shaped mouth preventing your raw materials from spilling over your kitchen.
  • Very easy to use. Just put the egg and wait for to pop-out. With its non-stick surface, your egg will automatically pop-up of the Egg Rollie after being cooked.
  • Evenly cooks, giving you that perfectly cooked egg quickly and easily.
  • Freedom to add your own ingredients. choose from minced vegetables and meat to make your breakfast exciting and healthy at the same time!

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